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Escuelas de formación

Professional Services

training solutions

Our Reskilling Programs and Training School help you to teach and get the best professionals to successfully execute your digital transformation.

We shape professionals in their technological and digital abilities to empower their professional development providing the highest quality value to our customers’ projects.

reskilling programa

reskilling Programs

escuela formación

Training Schools


reskilling Programs

Ancla 1

Formative solutions so that our IT professionals learn new skills in the digital transformation age which can be applied to our customers’ projects. 

 formative Schedule

• Fullstack developer

• Cybersecurity

• Devops

• Cloud

• Big Data & Analitycs

escuela de formación

Training Schools

Ancla 2

Their objective is the constant education of junior profiles for incorporation. Once they’re trained, our purpose is to offer a Career Plan, adapted to our customers’ needs (demography, content, timing) and Irium manages the complete process from the recruitment to the hiring process for the project.


Ahorro costes

Cost Savings

externalización de servicios

Services Externalization

inversión conjunta
costes fijos



Fixed Costs

inflación costes

Restrained cost inflation

Generate a talent pool

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